Estate Agents Aerial Property photography

Aerial property photography for estate agents selling houses.

Skycore use drones to take photographs and videos in order to help estate agents to sell houses and property.Property professionals are starting to grasp the benefits of using UAV drones to film or photograph properties.

We have found that an aerial photograph or short video of a property will help to increase a house or properties saleability. The unique perspective and expansive angles offered by aerial property photography let the potential buyer to see the size and scope of the property including the gardens or any land included in the sale. This allows estate agents to set the tone of the property especially for high end homes or large commercial properties.

Even houses and apartments that look relatively unremarkable from ground level can be shown in a more salubrious manner by photographing them from an elevated viewpoint.

Skycore can offer a number of aerial drone property photography services, from photography to video with and without voiceovers or music. This used to be an expensive option, available only from helicopters, but with todays drone photography technology this service is now more readily available and more cost-effective.
By using UAV drones to take photographs and video we help sell houses and property. Aerial property photography for estate agents selling houses.

Estate Agency Video, Glasgow
This is an example of our aerial drone videos of the exterior of a fantastic character property in the beautiful countryside Just outside Glasgow. Using a UAV provides you with an incredible way to capture the impressive property without having to hire expensive aircraft.

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