Our Process

Although every project is different, we have detailed a rough process for how we handle a shoot from start to finish.

Our Process
First Step

Initial Brief

In order to get a full picture of what the project will entail, we ask for a comprehensive brief detailing the objectives of the shoot, the location, date, the use of the completed footage and any other details that could affect the shoot.


Initial Planning

We will create a planning document that details the shots required, any permissions necessary and a full itinerary of the day or days of filming.

At this stage we will also survey aerial maps and airspace regulations to ensure that the shoot can be completed in a safe and efficient manner.

Day Before Shoot

Pre-shoot Checks

We will carry out a range of equipment checks, we will ensure our batteries are fully charged and we will ensure we have completed the necessary pre-flight paperwork.

Proposed date of filming

Shooting Day

On the day Skycore will turn up before filming takes place in order to carry out a number of on site safety checks and perform a risk assessment.

We will then set up our operational flight area, which will be cordoned off and signposted.

We will then carry out the proposed shots allowing the client to view the shots via an external monitor if necessary.

After filming we will clear up our equipment and ensure that everything is packed away.

After Shoot


Depending upon the requirements of the client, we will enter a stage of pre-production. It is at this point your video or photographic assets will be edited in order to achieve the objectives set out in the initial brief.

The final package will be delivered by which ever means suits the client best, whether uploaded to a secure location online or supplied on removable media.

Skycore will then follow up with the client with a customer satisfaction calk to ensure that they are happy with the finished product.